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       東莞市浩華儀器設備有限公司在東莞擁有大型的生產基地與聯營生產商,東莞、深圳、蘇州、福建、中山均有直銷辦事處,主銷自己公司的品牌。企業期待成為各大公司實驗室優選測試設備供應商。歡迎蒞臨我公司產品展廳參觀選購;咨詢聯絡+86 769 87120135,歡迎惠顧!

       Dongguan horwath instrument equipment co., LTD.,located in dongguan city, guangdong province, specialized in mobile phone, computer class precision testing instrument and product reliability testing equipment research and development, the factory production test equipment for more than 16 years, the products are sold well in Europe, America and southeast Asia, all product practicability and safety and appearance design are manufactured in accordance with the international standard.Welcome to www.dr-jena.com website.

    Test equipment in field applications. IT digital product reliability test, carton packaging types of testing, electronics/electrical environment simulation types of testing, material mechanics test. For the enterprise product quality improve made great contributions.

       The factory production of test equipment components are used in Japan SMC, mitsubishi matsushita control appliances, South Korea electric controller, THK guide, therefore, to ensure that the quality of durability and reliability. For product export after animals.

       The company in the dongguan has large production bases and associated production producers, dongguan, shenzhen, suzhou, fujian, zhongshan all have direct sales offices, the main pin their own company's brand. Enterprise are looking forward to becoming the first choice for the laboratory test equipment suppliers. Welcome to my company's products exhibition hall visit to choose and buy!Consulting contact + 86 769 87120135, welcome your help!





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